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    • KEYCES and its partner L'ENGINEERS have more than 30 years of experience in consulting for customers in the woodworking industry. We not only know the theory but also know how the work and the effect will be in practice. Because we have had many experiences with customers at their factory. KEYCES  and L'ENGINEERS are of German origin. The woodworking industry has been developing in Germany for more than 75 years. So Germany is always ahead in terms of technology, materials, products, factory operations, factory management, etc. compared to Vietnam. With the development and changes rapidly year to year  in the woodworking industry globally, we want to share our experiences of each factory in Germany or in Europe for our customers in Vietnam.

      We don't mind if your are  a big customer with more than 100 workers or a small customer with 4-5 workers as long as you know what you want, We are here to support you.  

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