Dust extraction system

    Dust extraction system

    About "NEU_JKF“ company

    JKF was established in Denmark in 1957 and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of air handling systems and vacuum cleaners. Now JKF has an assembly plant in Malaysia to supply customers in Southeast Asia. All JKF Danish accessories are brought to Malaysia factory to ensure high quality of air treatment and vacuum cleaner products for Southeast Asia customers.

    In the wood processing industry, the JKF is a well-known brand. Many customers don't pay much attention to air handling and vacuuming for their factories, and think that this does not have to be a high-end investment. If we go into this product, we will know that the system can save a lot of electricity for all industries when using JKF. The exclusive JKF filter bag is longer than the opponent's filter bag, the filter cleaning system is very special ... and there are many advantages that you should know.

    Environmental pollution in the wood processing industry is also the reason why you should consider investing in air treatment and vacuuming. In industrial parks or production areas outside the industrial park, you must ensure clean air for the environment and especially for your workers. JKF can help you achieve this standard.

    To serve customers quickly, JKF has some main products of air treatment and vacuum system in Binh Tan District warehouse.

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