Keyces Logistic Concept (KLC)

    Keyces Logistic Concept (KLC)

    Do you have a need to store the products, which your company has already manufactured, in the warehouse? Or do you want your factory to have more free space to use for other purposes such as adding assembly areas, or adding machines to increase capacity instead of working hours.
    Or if you need to keep documents / records in the warehouse for 5-10 years, they can be sent to KLC.
    KEYCES LOGISTIC CONCEPT is a private brand of KEYCES, specializing in warehousing and shipping solutions for customers. KLC's service is to store and manage materials / products for you. In addition, KLC also takes delivery and transport of products that you have stored at KLC to the location of your customers.
    Please contact us via email or fill out the information as below
    Some warehouse images that KLC is managing, being leased by domestic and foreign customers

For warehouse advice, please provide the information below. KLC staff will contact you
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