Factory set up

    Factory set up
    Do you plan to build a new furniture factory? Do you have any difficulties in the production line that have not been solved? Or are you looking for a solution to reduce costs and increase productivity and quality?
    If you have these questions, KEYCES and RD ENGINEERING will solve these problems.
    KEYCES Company cooperates with RD ENGINEERING company to advise customers on furniture production lines. RD ENGINEERING is a German company founded by Roland Dengler to advise customers on all the difficulties they face in the wood processing industry, especially in the manufacturing sector. Mr. Roland has consulting experience with over 27 years working for Homag specialized in flooring and door products. While working at Homag, Roland has advised many clients mainly from Europe, the Middle East and Asia. However, in addition to flooring and doors, Roland Dengler can also advise customers on the kitchen and wardrobe production lines.
    Usually, with small projects, the KEYCES collaborates with RD ENGINEERING. For projects over 2 million Euro, KEYCES and RD ENGINEERING will cooperate with LENGINEERS to provide full package solutions to customers. To know more about LENGINEERS, please visit the website: https://lengineers.de/?lang=en
        The customer advisory areas that KEYCES and RD ENGINEERING as well as LENGINEERS provide are as follows:
        • Product configuration
        • Planning, layout and production process 
        • Data processing integration

     KEYCES, RD ENGINEERING together with LENGINEERS cooperate to bring a perfect solution for existing production lines and new production lines for your factory.
     For small projects with a factory area of ​​500-1000m2, KEYCES will not charge manufacturing consultancy costs to customers.

    We specialize in consulting production lines as follows: